Tiles on the fireplace

Wall fireplaces and walls made of flexible tiles, flexible tiles, will guarantee the original appearance of the natural and ecological material. Fireplaces are currently particularly popular again in the interiors of new buildings.

Mantelpiece flexible cladding is suitable in terms of mechanical properties of materials and their high aesthetic quality. This tiles for fireplaces – It offers the use of both the small as well as large areas where it can excel its unique design, structure and color. Tiling indoor meet particular aesthetic effect that can help you conjure up a beautiful and comfortable home.

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Given the fact that every piece has been mixed by flexible tiling is magnificent, you get the original interior element. This is our flexible lining in these cases can be combined with wood or metal or glass elements.

We offer a huge opportunity combination. Fireplaces and chimneys can be flexible incase stone cladding for interior and exterior, partial or complete mantelpiece flexible facing is the choice of the owner or designer to meet a wide range of our performance. The only thing we do not recommend the use of flexible tiles for fireplaces.

The best option is to provide a flexible lining which to choose and compare the on-site implementation itself in day and night light with other samples and choose the most suitable color and shape of the tiles. Mantelpiece may be the interior conceived as an expressive decorative element or vice versa fits into the overall color composition mantelpiece and walls tone in tone.

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Generally, the smaller areas for lining the fireplace, especially fireplace chimney, it may use more colorful, darker or otherwise significant embodiment, on the contrary the cladding of larger areas, such as wall covering around fireplaces are chosen more lighter embodiment.

The ideal is to directly visit our showroom where we mix different colors for comparison, but it also depends on the size of the room and its lighting. First daylight, but also artificial light. The color, shape and structure of flexible tiles, which emphasizes and promotes appropriate lighting lamps, lamps, wall lights and so on.

From the same design selected tiles can overlay other elements for fireplaces, paneling, shelves, cornices, decorative surrounding wall or shelf, which, for example, cover the timber ready to heating.

In houses with large glass windows operate exclusively when the same flexible lining for mantelpiece used and partly on the wall or on the terrace, or as a lining around the pool, or if it is even a fence. Everything has a harmonious and unified.

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Among the best-selling version includes rock, stone and brick. Our offer includes 11 variants and 70 different colors. We make themselves and trim tiles for fireplaces tailored to customer requirements. Fireplace underlines the charm of your home. Wall fireplaces available even ordinary hearths unique look. Find inspiration in our gallery, choose from our wide range of flexible stone tiles for fireplaces or walls in your home, but also fireplaces for outdoor use.

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