tiles on the facade

They are long gone when all the houses were identical and looked like gray or beige boxes with minimal difference. Facades were boring and failed to attract any way. Although sometimes they found yourselfer to various rehabilitation and reconstruction flown, but it was rather an exception.

Fortunately, we have this time in a row, and in today’s market there are many decorative elements, especially flexible tiles, which we can improve their houses. One of the decorative building material is a flexible stone  tiles on the facade Also speaking or flexi lining, flexible stone, stone veneer, slate flexi, flexible stone, tile flexible, flexible brick, slate veneers.

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Outdoor façades as a modern trend

Classic, boring and drab facades are in vogue. Not only do they not look good, but often fails to meet as well with its basic functions, like their modern successors. Now they are able to provide better features and conceal imperfections that some houses may have.
That stone cladding on the façade and insulation experienced in recent years a real boom. You can choose from several species and dozens of colors. But according to what actually choose? What they are really good These outdoor façades?

Flexible stone facing facades performs several functions

As we all probably know facade performs several functions namely, protection, insulation and aesthetic. Tiles on the facade can perform the functions are nearly identical, but some others, we would not even consider. Basic functions can be sure aesthetic change and difference facades. One can thus create any pattern, special ornaments or unique design that makes your home unique object. For good looks are made flexible stone tiles. The actual gluing these flexible tiles on the facade might create the illusion of a stone house.
Outside the aesthetic function performs tiles and concrete and specific requirements related to solving a particular problem. It may be a cheap and adequate solutions, for example, construction imperfections in the house. Tiling home but can also address the function of the facade. Thus, in certain places where the facade excessively burdened weather, you can create an effective defense.

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Stone cladding on the façade will not ruin you financially

Many people would like to have acquired such tiles, but they are afraid that the construction work themselves and their problems will be too costly. Certainly it may be but the truth. Our flexible stone tiles on the facade or to insulate people can feel yourself stick. It is true that from a professional security firm is quality and good work for sure, but in some instances it may be advantageous to their own work.

Stone tiles flexible they are mainly used for facades. Flexible cladding strips are used as linings for finishing the surface of the building. Clinker shall be affixed to a flexible adhesive to the prepared substrate (plaster, insulation systems, drywall, OSB, concrete, masonry etc.).

Exterior cladding for facades and insulation have a significant decorative function. You can choose from among our 10 models and 70 colors. When designing the facade tiles start from dispositions surroundings, ideally we opt for tiles, fences, even if the same material. Stone facings on facades are very attractive and are made of natural material, which in addition to aesthetic point of view and functional quality.

Flexible stone tiles are ideal in areas where facades are exposed to greater exposure to such stress. Cyclist postpone a round base and other materials inadvertently makes a hole in insulated facades. With our tiles will not happen. Stone veneer appreciate especially as skirting around houses and access points at the entrances of apartment buildings.

Outside facades have a significant decorative function. In the design of facades depart from dispositions surroundings, ideally choose for tiles and even fences same material. All the materials that you require for your order, you can see on the spot in our shop where we set up a showroom. Each flexible facing an informative label. In assortment we have 70 kinds of colors and 11 variants.
Industry experience and numerous realized projects, allows us to offer you high quality workmanship, expert advice and helpful approach to the actual implementation. Our staff will ensure flexible or even gluing tiles.

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For inspiration, you can use photos on our website. Whether you choose from any of our type and color, always follow the prescribed rules and recommendations for the use and installation.
Flexible stone tiles are water vapor permeable, so protect your home before the emergence of moisture. Choose below the specific type and color of the facade, and if you are not comfortable with it, please contact us regarding implementation.

Attractive appearance and perfect resolving detail, easy and quick bonding applications, manufacturer warranty, flexible tiles ranks at the top of the stone cladding on the façade in the form of base or. lining the entire house.

Why neglect facade or plinth on the insulation? The facade is the first thing we consider when looking for a house. Pretty façade is the calling card of the house. Quality facade helps ensure the longevity of the building. According facades often know how the house is maintained and what is hidden inside. The facade is along the most important part of the roof construction and is also the calling card of the house and its inhabitants.