System Protection Solution plinths

Many people think that flexible stone tiles are marmolite, we must emphasize that the marmolite have nothing in common. Marmolite you stretch plastering trowel, while the flexi tiles are glued individually, but what is the main, that in our tiles are not thinking after the winter fissured structure plaster facades and plinths. Flexi tiles when frost crack, resist and thus get off the wall as other materials eg. Just marmolite or ceramic tiles. The big difference is in the fact that our tiles are made from natural materials and thus is permeable and does not change its shape. Marmolite or classic tiles are not permeable and therefore, when the water behind them Zatec and winter crack and peel off is from the wall. Additionally, if you improperly stretched or glued classic tiles, bricklayer or tiler, cracking the tiles after leaking water is perfect. It is in our tiles can happen even in the case of improper application of the laity.

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Our flexible stone tiles you can be sure one hundred percent quality and quality. We know that the new facade or plinth or masonry are not thinking every day, so we offer a total solution. We are the only ones who can offer you a lighter finish insulated or non-insulated skirting, facades and shapes of rocks, stones, mini stones, clasps or three kinds of bricks design. Weight cladding is 4.5 kg per 1 m² without glue.

Performing the actual facade or plinth flexible tiles, flexible tiles, flexible stone, stone veneer, slate flexi, flexible stone, tile flexible, flexible brick, slate dowry you do decorative design that nobody else has. Design tiles and gluing system is such that every building or property where the used flexi facing is original and can not have two of the same. This system solution to protect your facades, plinths, walls, fences and walls is ideal to weather conditions. Very well after elapsed, tiles and decorative plants, for example, vines, while still facing breathes through breathability.

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Its very maintenance is very simple, if dirt is simple spray and pressure hose so. High-pressure washing. Poultice has other advantages, one of which is a protective function against puncture or abrasion, eg. When someone rudely put their bike on insulation need not worry that your handlebars punctured or damaged facing. Other advantages of this is that in our country you can buy one piece. Additionally, we guarantee even color, when you decide for 5 years and want to continue to trim other areas so no one will know the difference. We can say that our tiles are environmentally friendly and because of that they are used only natural materials such as crushed marble, gravel and acrylic binder, which is replaced after sticking a flexible adhesive therefore facing stone.

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We would like to add that after sticking flexible insulated siding on the structure can withstand higher temperatures. For example, after warming flame, sooner drown itself as polystyrene paneling than flexi facing. The lining can be glued to EPS and XPS, but primarily on other materials such as OSB and other structures, where it is necessary to give but as mesh fabric itself known. Gauze. When using a different adhesive technologies can be flexible tiles used for bonding and non-absorbent materials, but more on that next time.

Our offer flexi tile is 70 colors and 11 shapes. The application itself is sticking even for very inexperienced. Preferably the diffusion openness and the fact that due to the overlay film may be grouting gaps without tainted tiled surface.