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I’d like to show you that even equipping your garden pergolas and gazebos goes with the use of flexible tiles. We plastered the old and ugly, but functional refrigerator. We created something that will stand out nicely in your arbor or pergola, and it will look cool !!

OLEPENÁ LEDNICE13042014255We have prepared for you in our store demonstrations glued flexible tiles. There are a combination of sticking to concrete, metal, PVC, wood, fiberboard sheet and polystyrene. Our team of staff is ready to bring you the latest information and knowledge
about our tiles

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Supporters of flexible tiles. Another option is a variation that can be stuck onto any flexible tiles and any material. You just need to use the appropriate adhesive.
Here we will show that it is glued to the sheet metal and wood we used the exhibition stand.
Procedure: We have prepared glue, flexible lining 102, scissors, extrusion gun pasteboard knife. We edited flexible tiles into smaller pieces style stone and rock (mini) and also that multiple connections. At the very flexible stand, we glued the tiles but we used glue for non-absorbent materials and MAMUT GLUE. First we glued the central metal piece and then wooden shelves. Very flexible tile adhesive we conducted around the perimeter and then the center of the bead of adhesive.

Then we did the inspiration for a few minor variations on the actual gluing themselves shelves. The first top shelf is glued and facing sheared into a triangle, the second shelf is shorn oval,


third shelf is cut into sloping belt and the last lower shelves in the form of tiles.


We used to pair JOINT FIX finished grout in a tube. The length of the work itself took us eight hours and removing the protective paper.


So as you can see, our flexible tiles can be used for anything really. Look at  new videos we have prepared for you.

Our product range is more kinds of colors red, green, so if you modify the color range, you can have exceptionally lining composed of multiple colors and even if you change the shape and get very interesting possibilities.

Mixing colors of brick tiles.
this possible variation is to use a color pattern 109, 110, 165, 166, 177 cells.
You must determine what will be the main pattern and which will admixed. If you want to slight color mixing using a model 165, 166, 177 will be fine. But if you want to combine a stronger subtle patterns 109 or 110 are richer ones. In order to make it clearly showed must use pattern 177 as the master and then 1: 3, 1: 4, add the pattern 166. The color deviation is very small but it is.

vzor 177                                                                                                            vzor 177+166

177 VZOR177-166








vzor 177 + 166 + 110                                                                                     vzor 177 + 165 + 109 + 110









                     vzor 177 + 165 + 166 + 110                                                                                                vzor 177 + 165 + 110

110-165-166-177nasi partneri prace (15)

vzor 147                                                                                                           vzor 170









vzor 103                                                                                                            vzor 104









vzor 156                                                                                                             vzor 162









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