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Dear friends, after sending many queries to the question whether it is marmolite we must emphasize that Sun
Our tiles are made from natural materials and thus are steam permeable. Marmolite is vapor permeable.
Flexible tiles when frost crack resist and thus get off the wall as other materials.


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March 9, 2014 Launched: NEW PRODUCT FLEXIBLE stone tiles

We have launched to show the pattern and shape of the tiles on the building itself configurator for an approximate idea of how it might look. Please but take into account that the color representation can actually vary slightly and we suggest following the application of visual rendering still visit our showroom to clarify and identify the pattern and shape. We hope this program will help you choose the right flexible siding or cladding flexion.

If you can not find the answer to your question, you can send it to us at the address
We respond to queries usually within 24 hours.

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What must be the temperature in the room where you want to cut and glue a flexible lining in the winter?

For C-shaped temperature should range from at least 16 ° C. Otherwise there is a risk that you compress crack and canceled and for other shapes may break during heavy bending.

Our company wants to expand the offer and conduct a flexible adhesive tiles. It is possible to train and how much would it cost?

Provide training and after training certificates are issued on a particular company, a person who has undergone training. Training takes about four hours to explain where technology opportunities bonding and bonding to other non-absorbent materials. Price based training materials consumed only about two square meters of flexible tile adhesives. Single price 1000CZK person or group. The supervisor is free. Training must be ordered to But I recommend you to conclude a contract with our company for the collection of flexible tiles which can be downloaded. After the conclusion of the commission is yours for the taking of goods. Additionally, we will present to our website what would implementer of orders.

Can you recommend someone who could tell me professionally glued tiles?

Yes, we have proven contractual tilers. More information in the Contacts section.

On what basis can be flexible tile glue?

Flexible glue tiles can be anything. If you intend to attach to drywall, cement board, concrete, insulation, (OSB-made basis with gauze) it is suitable to use any antifreeze flexible adhesive which also can buy the white or gray matter what you want to crack. But if you want to stick to non-absorbent and smooth materials must be used MAMUT GLUE. We have with very good experience. Absorbing surface must be de-dusts and nepenetrován on non-absorbent surfaces and degreased.

I’d like to see tiles directly is that possible?
You can visit our company shop in Klimkovice and if the shop is not within your reach, contact and visit our contractual business partners who are listed on our website in the contacts. Otherwise, we offer rental services and swatch catalog on bail. All the details are in order swatches

It is possible to use tiles on the rounded walls and pillars?

Yes, the tiles are arbitrarily moldable (Flex), so you can use the walls of any shape. For building corners should be facing such warm. Hairdryer or lighter, which can be done even better formability.

I would use flexible tiles on the wall behind the stove. Distance stove away from the wall will be about 30 cm. The problem is not the heat?

Tiles were tested against fire and fireplaces and chimneys are commonly supplied. They were tested to 80 ° C. It is important to select the correct adhesive suitable for these conditions.

It is possible to use tiling in damp or wet wall?

In this case it is necessary first to get rid of moisture. For substrates same rules apply as in the case of conventional boards.

The tiles are suitable for the lining inside the pool itself?

In the pool strongly discouraged because of the sharpness of crushed stones. This could cause injury. And during prolonged exposure to water, eg. In the pool may be due to the fact that it is a poultice made from natural materials, fading and it would be very bad maintenance and cleaning tiles.

The tiles are suitable for areas where there is a swimming pool or a bathroom?

Yes, here it is possible to use tiles. After our experience is recommended for actual maintenance and sanitation, stuck deep penetration nationwide treat and compress itself again after drying penetration nationwide least 2x overpainted marine varnish. Then it is facing back-up facilities for wet environments.

Did not receive an order confirmation, what should I do?

If you is not from the order confirmation e-mail please write to if you know the order number, please specify it. The most common reason cited is wrong e-mail.

What are made flexible wall and can have its own color pattern?

The basic ingredient is silica sand RJS granularity of 0.6 to 1.2 mm or 1 – 1.6 mm. Tiles are manufactured in a variety of colors according to customer requirements. In this case, however, you must visit our company.

I need another dimension tile?

We recommend if you want your size and the size of buy C-shaped or V of the size of what you cutting out any shape and size. Or we cut into the shape according to your requirements but there is a 10% handling surcharge.

What is the difference between decorative, demolition and old bricks?

We offer three types of tiles imitating brick. Our tiles can be used as brick tiles in the interior, as the inner lining, but its application and find out. Inside suited to the recovery of part or all of walls, doors or windows. Basically we offer three main types of flexible brick tiles with different shapes. Tiling shaped ornamental brick have a regular rectangular shape and sharp corners, demolishing brick has oseklé corners and old brick has wavy rectangular shape, viz. drawing.

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I’m missing one piece of tile. I have to buy the whole meter2?

No you do not. We are the only ones in the world who will give you one piece. You just have to specify the number of tiles and shape you require and we will send it to you on delivery.

How can I try to bend or facing up?

Poultice after warming hairdryer or any heat source which can bend up to 180 ° !!! It is very necessary to bend the tiles after warming up slowly and watch the folded edge. The tiles are durable, stuck frost and heat. More photos.

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What is the lifespan of tiles?

Tiles have been tested durability testing laboratory. To date, we have no complaints. Long life tiles based primarily on the use of natural materials, crushed marble (for wall rock and stone) and silica sand (for brick tiles). So the service life as conventional tiles.

What tiling it is suitable for large areas, which are continuously exposed to strong solar radiation záření.Sluneční has ​​the same effect on the cladding as any other building material. After some years, certainly at least% reduced pigment colors, but does not affect the quality of the tile. This is just a very dark black, crimson red, and others.

What is the difference tiles vs. other brands Assembly Coating unit flexible elastic stone facies.

Experience of customers who have fallen under the spell of brick tiles, speaks clearly. Many of them complain about the unreliability and excessive artificiality lining (eg. Brick slips elastolith or clinker IZOFLEX). However, this argument does not apply on our tiles. Their purely natural basis for efficiently and very credibly adorn each, even if no matter how uneven surface and, moreover, the only one having a protective layer against soiling in the actual gluing. We have the largest selection of 70 colors and 11tvarů ie. 770 variants only ones in the world. Furthermore, we mix your every possible color and in addition we sell you one piece, giving you none of the competitors would not.

I would like to garnish Stone plinth (base) in an old cottage, which is made of sandstone irregular and not insulated against moisture. Sandstone is not straight. How to make a base for facing any kind. It is possible that the ground is not glued on a flat surface?

Gluing is possible, but you have to make a few basic tasks. First it is necessary to make the necessary stripping, followed by minimal compared walls and then you can glue the tiles. In this case, we do not recommend the shapes of bricks, aesthetically it does not look good. Otherwise, there are many products for stripping and restoration of the walls. Of course, we can offer our services and process the repair and possibly sticking. It can also be a solution, for example, Pre facade, but it is necessary to take into account your particular condition.

Summary in points
₪ flexible stone tiles are manufactured from the highest quality ingredients.
₪ elegant appearance of the masonry in colors
₪ form a complete system with accessories for all construction details
₪ 99% of the material used for their production consists of natural materials.
₪ allow functional venting moisture from the structure beneath the cover
₪ after sticking the adhesive creates a compact unit resistant to abrasion and puncture
₪ colorfast, hardy, resistant to mechanical damage
₪ resistant to moisture and adverse weather conditions, easy to clean water
₪ long life maintenance-free, still the same great looks
₪ simple and quick to install even for inexperienced
₪ compress them before sticking a flexible and adheres to any hard surface
₪ ideal solution for wall skirting walls in new buildings and renovations
₪ complete solution stylish facade with insulation without insulation
₪ redevelopment of damp masonry structures with efficient venting of moisture
₪ fancy brickwork lining of small buildings, garden houses, garages, etc.
₪ in the exhibition allows very quickly and repeatedly create impressive details
₪ in the interiors of restaurants, shops or offices creates a unique atmosphere
₪ thanks to the excellent properties of this ecologically harmless material can be used almost everywhere