stone tiles in the interior

Turn your interior of a house or apartment in a cozy home.

Do you find your interior rather boring, outdated and okoukaný? Would you like something to change and improve? If you want to change to accommodate innovative and original style, do not limit yourself just to the new painting and classical wallpaper.

Today we offer you the possibility to make special interior wall and deliver another atypical better appearance. How to do it? Decorate your interior flexible stone tiles in the interior.

Applying find these pliable stone tiles, flexible tiles, flexible stone, stone veneer, flexible slate, flexible stone, flexible tile, flexible brick, slate dowry, flexible tiles on many internal surfaces eg. Socle, columns, chimneys inside the rooms, arches, fireplaces but also bar counters. It can even overlay them with wooden surfaces such as OSB, particleboard and other materials, drywall, metal, sheet metal, plastic.

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For its flexibility they are very suitable for any area in the house and apartment. Turn your home, thanks to our flexible tiling interesting interior walls, whether you use the entire surface or just an interesting detail.

We offer you the cladding of interior walls, shaped rocks, stones, clasps, belts, or bricks in three versions as an ornamental brick, demolishing brick, but as the old brick. It can be used to create a lining and is used to highlight one of the interior walls or parts thereof.

These flexible tiles which are faithful imitations and look very credible. It is a natural lining, made of crushed marble and gravel, are affordable and have a lower overall weight than conventional tiles. Additionally, the application bonding is so simple that it can handle even a complete layman tiler.

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Tiles in the rooms should always go with the overall character of the interior, so it is necessary to compress the shape and color to choose carefully. flexible facing can be used in any room, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

In the living room you need can be covered wall behind the TV or sofa, as well as in the bedroom can be covered the wall behind the bed. You can only do the decorative space. Interesting decorative element is the facing around the entrances to the rooms. If you do not have doors, but the common area designated by divided hole, you can also overlay. They fit well into the corridors, halls, etc.

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Using a wide and diverse range due to the shape and color of tiles. A wide variety of colors and a variety of storage options offered by the creation by the interior walls of your dreams.

Smart ideas are sometimes incredibly simple. Just a couple of flexible tiles, wall tiles and flexion monochromatic look of your walls and the entire room becomes unrecognizable.