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We are the only company in the Czech Republic that offers such flexible tiles through a network of business partners in unique shapes imitation stone, rocks, mini stones, clasps and three decorative brick design, demolition and old. In addition to all design bricks, we also offer brick corner.

To date we have had no complaints because we stand behind the quality. Each piece goes on sale before the customer check number, type, color and quality packaging.

Additionally, we have set up this website, which is constantly updated for your customers. Where we also counseling what and how to solve them. The ideal, of course, to visit us or our contractual business partners who are trained and familiar with application tiles. Moreover, each partner has the right pattern and you can choose the exact color and shape according to your wishes.

They can be used as facade cladding in the construction or reconstruction of the house, as well as wall into the interior, which will bring an interesting design, opulent effect and the unmistakable design.

We not only flexible, stone cladding, as well as expert advice, professional approach, or even gluing and transportation.
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Feel free to contact us or our partners and we will be happy to advise you because: Shop Vitkovice (25)

These flexible stone tiles meet many of the criteria and more architects and builders are already used in planning the construction of new residential buildings. We are very pleased, even if you decide for this product and we hope that you enjoy our new flexible stone tiles bring additional menu options for your clients.

Stone tiles are made of crushed marble and natural quartz sand using special technology. After sticking to connect thanks to a special folder that holds the tiles together and it can be bent, cut and flexible glue. This process facing stone. The main characteristics of lightness, flexibility, elasticity, durability, color fastness, flexibility. This is a unique and unique facing ktrý will find its supporters. They are washable and resistant to frost and heat, vapor permeable and can be cut with scissors. Because of their flexibility they are suitable for surface-shaped, round, round and square e.g. corners. The most commonly used as decorative plinths newly insulated buildings and for renovation of concrete surfaces. Their big advantage is that after the bonding and curing of the cladding layer forms a protective surface.


Bonds are flexible tile adhesive after sticking to the surface harden. In production they are made in the thickness of 2-4 mm in size as a regular decorative bricks, old brick English style, tapes or irregular dimensions as cleaved and Crushed Stone, mini stone, rock, very old brick, clasps and other possible forms. Each piece of tile has a protective film against dirt glue itself during application. They are available in a wide color. It is possible to add individual color for the collection of 100 square meters. Check out instructions.

They can be used flexible stone tiles on the many outdoor and indoor surfaces such. Skirting boards, facade, columns, chimneys, driveways, arches, fireplaces as well as bar counters. It is possible to overlay them and wooden surfaces. Due to its flexibility and low weight they are very suitable for any surface. Except for bathrooms and wellness, where we recommend to paint.

We offer you flexible stone tiles in 35 basic colors and shapes 9 ie. 315 design patterns as the only in the world.

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Our team is at your disposal. We are happy to visit you for accurate information and bring samples for assessment. We offer special prices for regular building subscribers who also use this material.

The most common use and the names: flexible tiles, tiles for fireplaces, stone cladding on the façade, stone siding for interior, flexible tiles, natural stone, protective lining exclusive cladding, a cladding, simply TOP PRODUCT.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact us or order a catalog. Thank you if you decided to use our new unique flexible stone tiles, flexible tiles, flexible stone, stone veneer, slate flexi, flexible stone, tile flexible, flexible brick, slate dowry.