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Flexible stone facing DELAP®

CERTIFIKACE 2015 – Povrchová úprava ETICS – DELAP flexibilní kamenný obklad


product Characteristics

Lightweight, flexible tiles to use both indoors and outdoors. The tiles are made from natural materials. It is characterized by being flexible, durable, colorfast and breathable. They are flexible, and are therefore particularly suitable for surface-shaped, rounded or square (e.g. corners).Použití

Obklady jsou vhodné např. pro svislé plochy domů, fasád, soklu, plotů, zídek, obložení zděných krbu. Široké použití najdou také v interiéru při dekoraci a oživení částí nebo celých stěn, dveří nebo oken. Jejich použití je vhodné jak v novostavbách, tak i u rekonstrukcí starších budov. Díky své nízké hmotnosti jsou vhodné i na zateplovací systémy.


  • Flexibility – tiles are suitable for lining curved surfaces
  • Facing the possibility of a corner without buying special piece – facing bends around the corner
  • low weight
  • After gluing flammability
  • high breathability
  • They can be easily cut with scissors. Their stick handle almost anyone without expert

And material composition

It is a flexible facing material with structured surface, which is further divided into individual tiles. On the obverse side of the tile is self-adhesive protective film, which after gluing and grouting the tile removed.

As the basic raw materials are high-quality materials: crushed natural marble and colored quartz sand, whose connection is used combined acrylic adhesive.

Colour finish

Standard color sampler can be found in the lining UNIT ASSEMBLY Ltd. or on the website On customer request, it is possible to produce tiles in random color combinations. Due to the use of natural materials can be shades in different deliveries vary. Tiles intended for single face advisable to book at the same time.

Technical parameters

Parametr Hodnota Jednotka Norma
Hmotnost 4,5 ± 0,5 kg kg
Teplotní odolnost po nalepení -25 až +60 °C  
Vodotěsnost max 0,1 l . m-2 CSN 73 2578
Prostup vodních par min 6L m2/24hod CSN EN ISO 7783-2
Teplota zpracování (lepení obkladu) +15 až +30 °C  

Size and shape variations

Tile thickness is 2-4 mm, thereby achieving a natural appearance. Packaging is facing one square meter before chopping size approx 98×96 cm and including the joints covers an area of less than 1m2. The tiles are manufactured in several shapes, which describes in detail the following table.

Available shape variations

Varianta Popis tvaru Počet ks v 1 m2 Rozměry
Skála irregular shapes resembling rock 19 ks
Kámen irregular shapes resembling stone 36 ks
Ozdobná cihla regular rectangular shape 52 ks 243×73 mm
Stará cihla (old) irregular rectangular shape 52 ks 243×73 mm
Rohová cihla * regular rectangular shape, 2 pieces of standard, 32 ks 360×73 mm
Bouraná cihla rectangular shape with irregular borders 52 ks 243×73 mm
Mini irregular shapes resembling a stone in a smaller variant 69 ks
Haklík squares and rectangles of different sizes 14 ks
Pásky regular rectangular 3×92 32 ks
50 x 50 irregular squares 47×48 4 ks 480×470 mm
100 x 100 irregular square 99×99 neseříznuté edge 1 ks 980×980 mm

* Tiling ‚Corner brick „can be used in combination with decorative bricks Facing the corner, which is achieved using the actual effect of bricks.

Appropriate adhesives and gluing the tiles

When gluing it is necessary to observe the installation and operation instructions for tiles. For bonding cement used antifreeze flexible adhesive Class C2 according to EN 12004 (structural adhesive for ceramic tile). The adhesive must be selected with regard to the underlying material and ambient conditions. The bonding is also possible to use already-mixed glue in a liquid state, which can also be let natónovat (in tinting centers). Big pattern 100×100 minimum temperature during the gluing and cutting 16 ° C !!!

Preparation of documents

The substrate must be solid, clean, coherent, load-bearing, dry, nepromrzlý, without releasing particles, free of dust, grease, dirt and salt efflorescence and have sufficient coherence and capacity. Inappropriate asset or its parts should be cleaned or removed. Strong absorbent and uneven absorbent substrates must be primed before penetration.

Suitable substrates

Lime and cement plaster, plasterboard, concrete and other mineral surfaces, good sound mineral, dispersion and silicate plasters (new and old). After adjusting a different material, e.g. OSB boards or other surfaces.


Tiles can be cleaned with water and a brush or high pressure cleaner (wap).

Packaging and storage

Tiles are packed in cardboard boxes after 3 or 4 square meters.

Tiles in the original packaging in a closed room in a dry place at temperatures from 5 ° C to 40 ° C. The boxes must be stored in a horizontal position. In one column (to each other) can be stored for a maximum of five boxes. The maximum storage time is 12 months from date of purchase.

Warranty period

The warranty period of flexible bendable stone tile is 24 months from the date of sale.

Related documents

Flexible tiles DELAP®. – Installation and user manual
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All data are based on our years of knowledge and experience. Given the diverse conditions in implementation and the quantity of the material used our written and oral counseling as a non-binding recommendation.
In case of doubt and unfavorable conditions, we may perform your own test or you seek expert technical advice. Use only recommended products and follow the instructions of their producers.


for bonding flexible stone tiles including materials with an extremely low absorption capacity (eg. sintered tiles of Bla with water absorption less than 0.5% and stone slabs). Application of internal and external environments for both common and difficult substrates. Excellent on surfaces where dimensional changes occur due to large thermal stress (eg. Floor heating to a temperature of +70 ° C or sunlit terrace). Use in space permanently burdened running or pressurized water (swimming pools, paddling pools, ponds). Suitable for paving loaded trolley cars, forklifts, etc. With a total weight of up to 3.5 tons. Obkladatelné solution for difficult materials – old tiles, precast concrete, cast concrete, wood, particle, fiber cement, formica, etc. ( surfaces must be pretreated with a connecting bridge). Simple processing, reduced slip and extended open time, high stability and strength, frost resistance and high flexibility.

Aggregates, cement (gray or white), redispersible polymer and other additives improving processing and properties of the adhesive.

Improved, deformable cementitious adhesive with reduced slip and prolonged fading, type / class C2TE S1 according to EN 12004 + A1
Practical use: indoor or outdoor installation of tiles on the wall or floor
High initial tensile přídržnost1) min. 1,5 MPa *)
Response to oheňtř. A1 / A1fl
After immersion in water 1) min. 1,2 MPa *)
Release of dangerous substances See MSDS
Slippage 0.5 mm max.
After heat aging 1) min. 1,5 MPa *)
Extended open time (open time): – tensile adhesion strength min. after 30 min min. 0.5 MPa
After cycles of freezing – thawing 1) min. 1,5 MPa *)
Deformable adhesive: – deflection (transverse strain S1) and 5 2,5 mm mm 1) *) required by EN 12004 + A1 1,0 MPa measured values.

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