Showroom Flexibilní kamenné obklady

Pavel schon E - Shop

Showroom Flexibilní kamenné obklady

Pavel Schon E - Shop

Flexible tiles

Welcome to our showroom flexible stone veneer

Our director Pavel Schön

Top 12 of products flexible tiles
₪ every piece of tile has a protective film against dirt gluing
₪ each piece can bend and shear but after sticking fossilize
₪ each piece is vapor permeable and frost-resistant after gluing
₪ environmentally friendly product made from natural materials
₪ after sticking easy maintenance and cleaning
₪ lining is lightweight and easy on walls, one square meter / 4.5 kg
₪ not buy it anywhere else just for us and our trading partners.
₪ yourself easy installation and easy even for inexperienced tiler.
₪ the cheapest price from 1 to 49 m2 / 459Kč and VAT. Nobody is cheaper.
₪ improved bonding technology for non-absorbent materials.
₪ every order is made to the customer.
₪ we have a comprehensive service, so if you doubt need only buy 1 piece 1 piece and do not buy anything unnecessary extra.